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hi, i'm suzanne

promotion and communication specialist

meet the author and advocate behind the stories

Welcome to HighRise Tourism

I am an enthusiastic traveler, seasoned writer and have a huge zest for life. These phrases express who I am and what my true passions are. I am all about living and embracing life to the fullest and constantly constructing personal high rises within my own spiritual, physical and mental destinations. I believe that we are our own inner tourism journeys, which allow us to expand and broaden our horizons, personally and recreationally.

My Experience

I have been blessed to serve in multiple diverse service industries, but my mission is for travel and tourism. I launched my first solo book (Knight Shift) in 2017, which is the first of a fiction series inspired by my personal and professional experiences (hospitality). The setting takes place in one of my most favorite travel destinations, Lake George, in upstate New York.


Along with my solo book, I contributed content for three anthology compilations. Additionally, I published articles as a guest blogger for multiple digital magazines and websites, especially for travel and tourism.


My professional background encompasses both traditional and freelance sectors along with a Masters in Social Work in International and Community Development. I continually volunteer in my community and virtually support businesses (especially within the travel and tourism industry) by sharing and promoting them on my social media platform, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been a public speaker at various venues (both in-person and online) and a podcast guest.


Three of my strongest passions are traveling, writing and promotion.

Life is a Story

Life is a story, and we each have a unique one to share. Each restaurant, hotel, attraction, and event has a story to tell too.  When I visit somewhere, I take in everything around me and seek to enrich the experiences of others by informing them of what is out there to enjoy and participate in.


Allow yourself to rise and bask in jaunts, excursions, sightseeing and trekking. Travel educates and develops you in multiple, diverse ways.


Happy Exploring!!

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