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My favorite time of the year.

I was woken up this morning by a series of bangs and clattering upon the roof directly above my bedroom.  As I arose out of a sound sleep, I was able to identify that the intruding commotion on top of our house was stemming from acorns taking their final descent from backyard trees.  Every now and then one would hit and roll down the roof and end up somewhere in the grass, joining the leaves that are falling as well.

Even though these acorns became my pseudo-alarm clock, there is a special comfort I derive from this act of nature every year.  I absolutely love and adore the foliage during September and October.  The bright colors in their exquisite vibrancy beckon me to seek them out every year and bask in their beauty.  It is the exact same pleasure and excitement I feel about travel and tourism.

I have been heartily blessed to view splendid autumn foliage in my own state of New Jersey as well as New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.  One of my most favorite leaf-peeping adventures was riding in a gondola that was part of the ski resort Gore Mountain in the Adirondack Mountain region of upstate New York.  The gondola soared above grand mountains covered in vivid and lively green, red, gold and orange hues.  The leaves appeared to glow as I drifted above them.  It was an epic experience!

This is the same feeling I receive every time I venture to a park, lake, beach, mountain range, restaurant, hotel, bed and breakfast, and attraction.  It’s magical.  It’s fascinating.  It’s extraordinary.  The energy is captivating.  When I travel somewhere, whether it be local or distant, I still feel that initial thrill of a child running to the gifts under the Christmas tree.  There is that fundamental anticipation of what lies within the beautiful wrapping.  Even if I have been to a particular place already, each time I go there is a hidden adventure waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed.  Along with my faith, tourism is my constant in life.  Just like the change of the seasons.  

I will be turning the big 50 next year.  Half a century on this earth is quite a concept to grasp.  Honestly, I don’t “feel” 50 years old.  I have often heard that age is just a number, and I totally agree with this statement.  I truly believe that my wanderlust lifestyle and love of tourism has kept me young at heart.

Yes, there are a multitude of places that I desire to travel to and explore.  I keep an ongoing destination bucket list.  I also yearn to share about the story and soul of where I have been and what I have experienced.  A building isn’t just about walls, a floor and a ceiling; rather, it is a novel in its own right.  I think about old Victorian mansions I have spent time in and can soak in the spirit and memories of past times.  Restaurants are filled with narratives of superb and delicious cuisine and the chefs who created and prepared them.  Parks and beaches feature creation in lovely forms.  Even watching the ocean tells a different chapter every day.

Autumn is a time to remember the beauty of what is around us and out there to discover.  I seek to share and spread the love of hospitality and tourism.  In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, I hold onto the fact that there will always be a new and unique tourism edition to share and help it become a bestseller for everyone who welcomes it into their lives.

Happy Wandering!

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