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High Tea, High Rise Experience

How many of you have been to a High Tea?

How many of you have thought, I would love to try a High Tea.

I can say with full conviction that it is an activity that EVERYONE must put on their tourism bucket list. It’s definitely something for the whole family, a group of friends, a couple, or yourself to do.


When I traveled to England in the 1990’s with a group from university, one of our itinerary items was to take part in High Tea at the Ritz.  We were affectionately instructed to wear “posh frocks.”  Part of my ancestry includes England, so I was beyond excited to have this part of my excursion.  I can tell you that as soon as we were seated and the first tea sandwiches and teapots were served to us, I was hooked!  It was epic! Our group had so much fun!  I can also report that I did not spill tea on my frocks. ;)

I wanted this again in my life.

Lo and behold, it did appear again years ago in upstate New York and then……..right here in my hometown of Toms River.  Literally fifteen minutes from my home.

For multiple years, I passed by this gorgeous Victorian Mansion with huge admiration and a curiosity about what was behind the front doors.  I love historic buildings, especially big ones.  I remember touring giant castles in England and my eyes bugging out at the size and grandeur of each room we entered.  If these buildings could talk, what books would be written?

An opportunity presented itself last November with a holiday Open House and from then on, this place invited me in to whole new adventure.  It also reunited me with High Tea, something that was out of my life for a long time.  It was time to sip and savor.


Who loves the exquisite taste of fruit, chocolate, or candy?

Who enjoys the aroma of tea served in a magnificent and delicate teapot and equally delightful teacup?

Who basks sitting in a charming indoor or outdoor venue while being taken care of by friendly and attentive staff?

Is this you?

I know it is for me, my mother, multiple friends and countless others in the community.

Recently, a dear friend of mine and I signed up for the Harvest Tea, which included a 5-course meal.  I can truly tell you that we were both beyond full and happy after our High Tea.  We each chose a flavor of tea for our own pot (the Pumpkin Pie is luscious!), were served a delicious salad, soup (every single soup here makes the body feel good), delectable tea sandwiches, yummy scones and a variety of enticing desserts.  We had the most wonderful server, who just added to the beautiful ambience of this experience.  We did not want to leave.

The best thing is I can always come back.

And so can you.

Whether you live in or are visiting New Jersey, this is a must-do event on any itinerary.  Next month the Holiday Tea begins and there is absolutely nothing like being around this venue at Christmas time.  Magic. Wonderland. 

Treat yourself to this experience.  You deserve it.

You will feel full of tea, food and love.

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