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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Who loves to be pampered?

Who loves to feel special and well-attended to?

Who loves beautiful and historic surroundings?

Is this you?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then there is a place in my state of New Jersey where you will experience all of this and beyond.  In a resort beach town known as Ocean City, there lies a marvelous Bed & Breakfast known as Ocean City Mansion.  It is full of history, charm and exemplary hospitality.

COVID-19 & the Hospitality Industry

With the COVID pandemic slamming the travel industry like a sledgehammer, discovering ways to still plan and enjoy excursions proved to be challenging and full of effort.  Researching and ensuring that safety precautions were being taken became the norm.  Yet, there are plenty of options available even in the midst of so much uncertainty and constant change.

This is where Ocean City Mansion made its debut in our lives and took a main role on our travel stage.

Ocean City Mansion

My mother and I were seeking a new destination to travel to, even if it was within our own state.  We needed to “get away” like most are feeling at this point.  We chose Ocean City because it was a place that we have always wanted to seek out and heard so much positive feedback about.  We also made the decision to stay at a Bed & Breakfast, as we desired something that was more personal and less crowded.  As I scanned the B & B recommendations in the area, Ocean City Mansion was the one that aligned with exactly what we were looking for.  It had that unique vibe when we read about it.  So we contacted the Innkeeper to make our reservations and add a brand-new experience to our travel roster.

It was the best decision.

From the very first connection with Innkeeper Nancy, we knew we were in excellent hands.  As a former front desk agent for over a decade, I always wanted to ensure guests felt welcome and valued from the beginning of our interaction together.  At one point we had to change our reservation to the week before and she couldn’t have been more accommodating.  What really stood out to me, though, is on the day of our arrival, Nancy called us to ask if we had any special dietary needs and to let us know where our room was located if she had to step out when we checked in.  This was hospitality on a whole elevated level.

History & Accommodations

The B & B itself was fascinating and appealing, especially due to its history.  There is something about older buildings where you do feel as if you just stepped into a novel.  Portraits, antique furniture, lovely decorations and a coffee/tea set-up all added to this engaging ambience.  Our room featured a suit of armor statue, which I absolutely fell in love with.  I even named it to make it feel part of our adventure.  Our room was beautiful, quiet and very comfortable.  We almost felt like we were the only ones at the Inn.

Nancy became much more than our hostess and innkeeper.  She became our friend.  We mattered to her, as did the other guests.  Each morning we were presented with an absolutely delicious breakfast prepared with love and creativity.  Nothing was too much for Nancy.  She lived to serve her guests.  In this day and age, when you are more than just a body and number, it is a priceless gift.

We stayed at Ocean City Mansion for four nights and we plan to go there again around the holidays.  My mother and I have been recommending this B & B to many in our circle and I am posting about it here.  Do something wonderful for yourself and plan a trip to a special Bed and Breakfast with an exceptional innkeeper.  You will be forever changed.    

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