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Preparing for and Running Your Exclusive Race


Setting a goal is a substantial component of a human being’s life story.  The goal can range anywhere from simple to complex.  To provide an example, running a marathon signifies a colossal ambition.  While the goal itself is the primary achievable status for the runner, it is the process beforehand where the most growth and success takes place.  There are a multitude of steps a runner must attend to and complete prior to taking on such a mammoth objective, and they will ensure a favorable outcome.


Before anything else, it is important for the runner to visualize his/her goal.  What will that look like?  What will it feel like?  For the runner, blasting through the finish line is the desired outcome.  Once the runner visualizes the personal result, it is paramount to set the intention to actually burst through that finish line and win the race.  A runner needs to believe and soak it in deep down as if it is going to happen or has happened.  Any goal will not succeed if there is no confidence or expectation that it will actually come to fruition.

What is your goal today?

What are your burning desires?

What have you buried deep down inside your heart that needs to be reborn?

Visualize what you want to see come to life.  Take in all of the senses.  What will achieving this goal emerge as? How will it resonate in your life?  Is it something that causes you to leap out of slumber each morning and propel you to get started before even consuming your first cup of coffee, tea or other beverage of choice? 


Once the runner has visualized and set the intention, the next step is to examine where he/she is at physically and logistically.  Has this person run marathons before?  Has he/she completed a current wellness exam?  Even if the runner has participated in previous races, each one presents its own series of challenges. 

Health concerns can appear at various times throughout an individual’s journey.  Just because a runner performed well six months ago, an issue may be beneath the surface that wasn’t there at that earlier time period.  It would be wise and beneficial to seek out health professionals who are able to assess whether this is the correct time to take this event on.

Where are you at this stage of your journey?  Think of what your goal/objective is.  Has it been something you have attempted before?  How are you feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Is what you set out to do something you are able to take on at this present moment?  Do you have trusted mentors in your life who would be able to help guide you in whether there might be potential interference or hidden issues that could pop up and distract you?  Perhaps something else has to be attended to prior to the goal being realized.  Timing is crucial.

3. FOCUS!     

When a runner takes off in a race, he/she is planning on achieving one main destination: the finish line.  To do this, however, involves determination, grit and laser focus.  The runner has to steady his/her eyes straight ahead to avoid obstacles that could loom up ahead.  The runner should not glance to the left or the right because there is danger in falling and losing momentum.

Is your goal directly in front of you? Are you feasting your eyes on what is ahead?  Are you allowing circumstances, comparison and opinions to distract you by glancing sideways or even backwards?  Where is your focus?  What is your ultimate destination?

Your mindset management matters.  It is essential and imperative for working on and completing a goal.  There may be detours along the way, but even then you can still forge onward and not deplete your strength and energy.  Maintain your power, run your course and celebrate victory.

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