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Where Have You Gone?

Where have you gone, Lake?

This ice is so thick.

Solid white

has taken over.

I can no longer

see you.

I am here,

said the Lake.

I am always here.

Don’t let what

you can’t see

push you away.

I know you are there

somewhere underneath

ready to display

hues of silver

and blue.

The mountains are covered.

No green to see anywhere.

It’s the season,

said the Lake.

It’s simply our time.

If you go

beyond your fear

and just step

a little closer.

You will see

you will feel

we are still here.

I trust you, Lake.

Yes, it is true!

I took

tiny steps ahead

and saw

a flash of blue


a spot of green.

Yes, you are all

still there!

I told you I was,

said the Lake.

So are the mountains.

When you are

willing to step

away from

and move forward

you will discover

the beauty

that lies beneath.

Waiting for someone to

see it

embrace it

as you have

with us…

and yourself.

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