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Customer Engagement: Creating a HighRise Experience Series


A new business has opened in your town. The building has been freshly painted and has beautiful merchandise displayed in its gleaming windows. You are drawn to this contemporary place immediately and enthusiastically enter its doors.

And then……

You are not greeted by anyone.

You are not acknowledged even with a smile or eye contact.

When you have a question, you are met with a blank stare or…..”It’s not my job.”

How does this make you feel?

As someone who has experienced this personally and is a colossal proponent of helping to serve and collaborate with others, I desire to share wisdom and guidance concerning the critical points of customer service and engagement, which would emanate from collective years of having worked in positions serving the public. A monumental component of my vision is to help assist individuals/business owners on how to best serve the needs and wants of their potential customers and guests.

I have developed a series of subtopics regarding epic customer service and engagement, including, but not limited to:

  • A smile goes a long way—how to engage a customer/guest right as soon as he/she steps into your establishment.

  • Creative conversation

  • Assessing what the customer/guest really is looking for through verbal and body language.

  • Helping the customer feel like he/she is more than a number.

  • Diversity and cultural competence.

  • Passion about what you do more so than the product or service

  • Effective and inviting social media posts

As mentioned, this is a snippet of subject matter to dive into regarding serving others, so each blog post in this particular series will be dedicated to one of the themes.

So let’s get back to the scenario and question posted above.

How did you feel after reading the experience?

Would you feel like you mattered?

Would you feel like the person running the business cared?

Was there any passion involved?

Or was it simply all about the sale?

We constantly hear the word passion all throughout our lives. If you look up the word passion in and request synonyms, these are some of the words listed: affection, dedication, excitement, fervor, spirit, intensity and zeal.

When we first hear the word passion, the default image that we revert to is about love and relationships.

But isn’t this what should be exuded in our professional paths?

Shouldn’t we love what we’re about and what we do?

Shouldn’t our customers feel our dedication to their needs/wants and our excitement about working with them?

Customers should feel our zeal even before they walk through the doors. It’s not just about the products or services displayed in the windows or on the doors. Signage can communicate passion by welcoming the customers. Personal touches can add delight and warmth before entering a business. There is no limit to highrise customer service.

It’s a natural human desire to feel special, to feel taken care of. The core of passion is within the relationships. Connection. Communication. Being much more than your product or service.

What are you passionate about?

Allow your customers to bask in the heartiness of you and enjoy the building of an epic network.

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